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A simple message from a straightforward perspective. My promise will to always tell the truth as I understand it and to share my experiences as a vegan

Information is power!

Learning afresh

It's interesting to me that most people start and finish learning at school or unversity. There's so much to learn in life that we need not walk around with our minds closed to knowledge . Imagine for a minute that you continued to learn at the same rate you did as a small child, you'd know so much about so many different things or you'd be an absolute expert in one aea in particular


Never too late! There is so much to learn and so much to experience. I am learning more and more each day about being a vegan, the impact it has on me and maybe more telling the impact it has on the people in my life be they family, friends or colleagues and clients


Is it making as much of the opportunities that taking on a vergan lifestyle offers if you don't take advantage of the freedomit affords you in the way you look at hings, the way you interact with others and the clarity of mind it engenders? The answer is clear, there is so much to be gained from achieving true balance in all you do

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