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Every journey starts with just one step and the first step can either be the hardest or the easist; it just depends on your mind set.


But where do I start I hear you asking? If you can answer to cease being part of the explotation of animals and of the environment then you are ready to take become a vegan, simple as that.


But couldn't I become a vegetarian, that is helping animals surely? Well yes in so much as you are potentially redcucing the compsumtion of animal flesh but no in so many ways. You are not helping put an end to the slaughter of millions upon millions of animals, birds and fish each year that lose the gender or species lottery.


Your committment to vegetariansim is so much less clear than the simple - follow a solely plant based diet and refuse to buy products connected to animals - the vegan way. There are so many 'versions' of vegetarians, 'oh I only eat fish and chicken', 'I just eat meat on 'special' occasions but I am a vegetarian.' Really, are you really a vegetarian? Now don't get me wrong I'm as happy as the next person that there may be a lower consumption and therefore lower production of animals for food, it's just that there is so much more than can be done and so much more to be gained by taking the decision to become and remain a vegan.


In practical terms I'd urge you to discuss your decision with your loved ones before you start, I didn't and I know now it would have been much easier if I had. It's not to give them the chance to 'talk you out of it' how could they and why would they? It's to involve them and to show them that this doesn't mean the end of family dinners, of dining out, of carrying out a normal weekly shop. Rather it's the beginning of a new life, a revitalised version of the old you will soon be in evidence and that has to be a good thing for everyone concerned. It's the start of new conversation topics, of increased awareness, of new recipies, ingredients and tastes. There may be a fear amongst those you discuss it with that you are now a zealot with an evangelical fevour in your eyes and whilst this may be true.....I'd suggest taking your time to convert other. After all this may be something you've been thinking about for years so to expect someone to change their life in a heartbeat is maybe being a little too optimistic?


Please read My Blog for my daily (or at least weekly!) journey along a vegan path and hopefully some answers based on the questions and challenges I have and will face. Nothing worth doing tends to be easy but that's no reason to start the adventure without an absolute belief that you will succeed


Have fun


You'e not a martyr and no-one will thank you for a holier than thou attitude. Yes this is one of the single most significant decisions of your life but that doesn't mean you need to be either an apologetic or indeed an overly aggressive vegan. Share your passion with a light heart and you're far more likely to engage others, in a conversation at least. Believe the best in people and you might find that the least likely turns out to have a real interest in what youre doing


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