A Concious Choice


Adopting a vegan lifestyle is the single biggest action any of us can take to positively impact animal welfare, climate change and the billion or so people that go to sleep hungry every single night.


It's amazing that a change with such an impact hasn't been made by many more people. Unfortunately for many people the vegan lifestyle is unknown, unclear, unusual and only suitable for someone else.


I hope to learn more and share the experiences I have with anyone that will listen, the journey will be interesting and I hope fruitful.


If I can do it, you can do it.


Have you ever wondered?


Questions, questions, there are so mamy questions and there are so many answers. Obviously the answers given by those supporting and appreciative of a vegan life wil differ greatly from the answers given by those that have an interest in maintaining the unfortunate status quo.


Perhaps the widest variety of answers are those that have no direct involvement in the furtherment of a vegan life or in the interwoven elements of disrespecting non-human creatures. People tend to hold a view without spending any time researching, investigating or listening. The oft heard, 'we're designed to eat meat', 'you can't get enough protein on a vegan diet', 'all the vegans I know (do you know any?) always seem to be ill.'


I'm staggered that I have been offered, unbidden, so many different views on my chosen lifestyle. I am convinced that a vegan life has so many benefits for all creatures, for the environment and for each person that engages I am determined to answer fully any question I am posed and to take the view that I might be the only vegan that someone ever meets so it's down to me to represent all the positivity that we know a vegan life offers.


We have a responsibility as vegans to promote the life as the answer; as opposed to the question 'why be a vegan' the question must be 'why not be a vegan'. When you fully understand and fully embrace you can see that the answer to both is very simple. A vegan life offers a myriad of benefits, not the least of which is an absolute feeling of energy and of being centred and of knowing who you are. Grandiose claims perhaps but I can only talk about the impact the life is having on my mental and physical well-being.


I am a vegan and I feel great!


Did you know?

  • Vegans don't consume meat, fish, eggs, dairy, honey and avoid products that are derived from any animal - clothing, household goods, everything


  • Being vegan is healtheir than any other diet possible. Vegans have lower rates of heart disease, cancer a reduced stroke risk


  • A vegan lifestyle is a compassionate lifestyle. Do no harm to any living creature


  • Veganism is better for the environment - a plant based diet requres 1/3rd of the land and water when compared to typical western diet. can feed many more people than a meat based diet - Adopting a vegan lifetyle is the biggest single action you can take to reduce your climate change impact

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